The abuse needs to stop!

I’m not a fan of being labelled but if I’m honest and being true with myself then I guess you could say that I’m a WOB (Wenger Out Brigade). I’ve admitted this on several occasions either on Twitter or on past blogs. I see no reason to hide my opinion on the boss and it’s a view I’ve held for over 4 years.

What disappoints me is the lack of understanding or the continuous painting of everyone with the same brush let alone not being able to sensibly converse with an individual with a different point of view. In my mind there’s different levels of opinions towards Wenger. There’s those that are AKB’s (Arsene knows Brigade), the WOB’s and those that sit in-between either without an opinion or on the fence or simply don’t care! However there are sub camps within both of the AKB’s and WOB’s – The extremists! Both sit at opposite ends of the spectrum from each other. Those that consistently spout the same agenda as if it’s a propaganda campaign to them, abusive to those that don’t agree and love to stir the pot regardless whether we win or lose. I’m not one of those.

AWengerPersonally, I’ve always respected Wenger and everything that he’s done for us fans and the club. I still respect him now and won’t say a bad word against him. Anyone that does is out of order and is totally disrespectful. As much as I’d feel we’d be better off without him I’m against forcing him out. Therefore I’m against holding a banner, a bedsheet, an A4 card or even vocally calling for him to leave at games.


But isn’t that what a WOB is? Wrong, as I mentioned earlier those are the extreme or the extremist. No I’m just simply of the belief and have been for a long while that Arsene Wenger can’t take us to the next level. That’s quite simply it! I don’t think he’s a shit manager nor do I think he become poor overnight but I do think that the game has moved on and overtaken him.

We will still win the majority of games over the course of a season and I’ll be there at games backing the team and the players. I won’t abuse anyone that’s chosen to wear the famous Red & white shirt of The Arsenal and equally won’t I catcall the manager. I’m a supporter ergo I support.

Am I disappointed given that I’m a “Wob” that we’ve won? No! Of course not a win is a win that’s why we are emotionally and financially invested into the club. It’s likely that we will go on a run of games so when certain fans start goading “Where’s the WOB’s now?” or “The WOB’s are very quiet” I don’t feel the need spout vitriol after every given opportunity. I actually want to be proved wrong.

ArseneBet you’re happy we lost as it suits your ‘agenda’? Again no! Our team lost why would anyone be happy? I’m happy when we win but I won’t be bitching after a loss.

Now before twitter existed or even Facebook many would talk the game in pubs or at work. People are entitled to a view no-one is right or wrong it’s an opinion. Twitter is no different except that it’s not a singular location. Social media is international and can be easily accessed on the move. It’s global and we are all invited into this virtual pub. People share different views. That should be accepted.

When we win an individual player or more could have a poor game. It’s healthy to debate why. Was it a one off? Did the formation affect him or them? Other players work against his play? This can be discussed regardless whether you have a view point on a manager. Yes, we won. We are happy but we are not restricted in what we can or cannot talk about.

I often get asked “who do I want to replace him?” The problem is the landscape keeps changing and the goalposts have moved. Remember I’ve held this view for over 4 years and there’s many names who were once hot property and now no longer. Likewise those who stayed around and still won things. Who replaces Wenger is not my decision. Good job you may thinking! However, it’s going to happen. Unless someone invents immortality and soon, one day Arsene Wenger will eventually leave Arsenal Football Club. Whoever replaces Wenger, whether at the end of the season or if he renews and leaves after that, will always be a gamble. Just as much as sticking with Wenger should also be regarded as a gamble. There’s no right answer, no one knows what’s right. Sure you may believe that keeping him is the correct decision. However it’s not up to us. It’s a decision that the board have to make and his replacement one day will also be their choice as well.

As I said Wenger is still a good manager the difference is I want a great manager (again!). So whilst we have Arsene I Wengerstill expect us to win more games than we lose. I expect us to at least gain top a 4 finish. However I want more than a top 4 finish. I want Arsenal to challenge for the title. We finished 2nd last year but you can’t honestly say we challenged Leicester. I want us to be right up challenging for honors. If you take the last 5 years where money has been available, as opposed where we were restricted, we have consistently finished in the top 4. Whilst there’s no given right to win the Premier league you could also say that we have consistently failed to challenge. Likewise we consistently qualified through the Group stages of the Champions league and reach last 16. Flipside is we consistently fail to progress further than the last 16. It’s a glass half empty or half full opinion.

I, like you, want what’s best for our club. I want us to go a different way as I believe that the current path which has been tested isn’t working.

Currently the team is playing some brilliant football and more importantly winning and I’m loving it at the moment. This isn’t a flip-flop statement as I’ve maintained that over any season we will win more than we lose. So yes ‘this WOB is still here’. It’s worth pointing out I’d love nothing more than for Arsene to prove me wrong and win the English Premier or the Champions League. Fans like to look to the past and at Wenger’s past honors, I like to look at the present.

Although I don’t agree with those that wish to stick with Wenger I understand their reasons. I’m happy to debate this topic, sensibly, as adults. Where I do now draw the line is this painting WOB’s with the same brush. The continuous idiotic and malicious comments towards WOB’s and the myths that we’re all the same knuckle dragging thugs. You may think I’m an idiot for having this opinion but everyone knows what opinions are like? For anyone that now chooses to make abusive comments or start to stir trouble with either lies or misinformed stereotypical formed views from either side, I’m simply blocking you depending on which platform we’re referring to. This has to stop!

My life is good. Great, in some respects and I certainly intend to keep it that way.

Peace, out! B5G

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