The Interview – with Suburban Gooner Chris

We reach the fourth of this week’s The Interview. 
Today I chat with Chris (@SuburbanGoonerChris) of the Suburban Gooner podcast & blog. Chris also holds a season ticket at the Arsenal in the best area of the stadium, no not club level but in Block 5!

Thank you for taking the time to chat Chris so firstly how long have you supported Arsenal?
Since the wee age of seven. And a half.

"Stick your 2 points...."
“Stick your 2 points….”

Ah, the all important half. Can you remember watching your first Arsenal match?
I sure can B5G. Arsenal vs Nottingham Forest in a 1-1 draw in 1989. IT was a turgid affair. But my first visit to the home of The Arsenal was when we won the league against Manchester United in 1991 and Smudger scored one of a 3-1 win. I had to stand in the East Stand Upper toilets for 20 minutes at the end because my Dad and his friend Roy thought I might be crushed by the exuberant Arsenal fans!

Did you have a regular end or stand when you attend at Highbury?
East Stand Upper. By the North Bank.

Who out of the current team would you pick as your favourite Player?
I don’t really have a stand out player as my favourite any more (perhaps it’s my age), but I do have a soft spot for The Ox. It’s his direct running and ability to beat his man, you see.

Ox on the run
Ox on the run

Fair enough. Who’s your favourite all time Arsenal player?
Thierry Henry. That man was awesome. The wife says that she lives in fear that Thierry might move back to Uxbridge and I try to shack up with him.

Man love. Do you have any expectations for Arsenal this year? 
Top four. Standard.

What would you say is your most memorable Arsenal match?
Tough one. Alcohol has dented my ability to remember veents from more than ten years ago, but the second 5-2 stands out. Mainly because I’d been telling everyone about the fact my wife had only eve seen Arsenal win by three clear goals, and then I took her to her first ‘big’ game against the Spuds, to which we won. I thought it would be co-incidence so thout I’d test the theory by bringing her the second year in a row. The scoreline was the same. The guys behind me wanted to confiscate my season ticket and get her to come every week!

Thierry Henry
Thierry Henry

Do you have a most memorable or favourite Arsenal goal?
The 1-0 win at Highbury with Thierry lobbing Barthez. I was directly in line with the flight of the ball so knew it was going in the second it left his boot.

When you’re watching the Arsenal either in block 5 or away do you have a favourite chant?
Yes but it has a few too many expletives to tell you. I did always like “woah Theo Walcott, he’s an Englishman at Arsenal”, but that’s kind of redundant these days!

Psst! I have an original.
Psst! I have an original.

Do you have any pre-match superstitions?
Always try to wear the 1989 JVC kit on a Saturday 3pm kick off.

No shin pads than? Which fixture or team do you hate or fear Arsenal facing the most?
Chelski. Only because of that very irksome Jose Mourinho record. But also because I think he has Arsene’s number and that saddens me. Because he’s a t*sser.

Do you have a favourite away ground that you’ve been to?
Wembley. Cos that means we’re usually going for a trophy!!

Favourite Podcast(s)
The Tuesday Club

Your must have Twitter follow?
@BenLeeder and @gooneroaf are both my blog/pod partners in crime. Can you make an exception and give me two?


Okay, a couple of quick fire questions now:

Red or Yellow? Red

Clockend or Northbank? Northbank (obviously!)

Sitting or Standing Standing

Santos or Eboue Eboue

Wenger or Graham Wenger

Chris, it’s been brilliant talking to you (although I’m sure I’ll pop down to your row on Saturday) and thank you for taking the time speaking to me.

Tomorrow is the final part of in this launching week of this brand new feature.
Watchout for the last interview when I speak to HighburyHarold (@BlackscarfAFC) from the Blackscarf Movement (BSM) on ‘The Interview.


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