The Interview – with Shewore

Welcome to our second installment of the ‘The Interview’.
This week to lauch this new feature we will be speaking to 5 different Arsenal fans each day this week. Following on from yesterdays interview with Ramblin Gooner (Giles) from the AFTV Podcast today we chat to GC from

Welcome GC and thank you for taking part in The Interview. How long have you supported Arsenal?
From birth, went my first game in 1986, that I paid for with my paperround money

…and can you remember watching your first Arsenal match?
It was a dead rubber of a 2nd leg league cup game, but I can still remember the smell and the sense I was home.

When you regularly attended matches at Highbury did you have a regular end or stand?
Northbank until I was 16 then went down the Clockend, after all-seater it was wherever I could get a ticket.


The Clockend like myself. Who out of the current team would you say is your favourite Player?

Do you have an all time favourite Arsenal player?
If I had to pick one it would be Paul Merson 

What’s your expectations for Arsenal this year?
4th and fingers crossed some kind of decent FA Cup run

GC, what would you say is your most memorable Arsenal match?
the day we won the title in 1991, lots of taking the micky out of the Man Utd fans

Do you have a most memorable or favourite Arsenal goal?
Keown scoring 2 late goals in a Champions league game. I was sitting in the lower west, when the winner went in, I twisted my back after getting a leg caught in the seats and my mate accidentally chinned one of the blokes behind we used to chat with. We all just stood/crouched there after laughing, bent over and a bit of claret over us all

"What did she wear?"
“What did she wear?”

When you’re watching the Arsenal do you have a favourite chant?
She Wore A Yellow Ribbon !

A bit obvious that one wasn’t it? Do you have any pre-match superstitions?
Never wear green or travel to a game with anyone wearing green and always buy a program, even if I never read them or lose them on the way home.

Boleyn Ground

So much for the ‘rub of the green’. Which fixture or team do you hate or fear Arsenal facing the most?
That lot from middlesex

Do you have a favourite away ground that you’ve been to?
I used to love West Ham away.  

Favourite Podcast(s)
Anyone I’m on 

You media luvvie! Your must have Twitter follow?
@arsenal for the media watch comedy

Okay, a couple of quick fire questions now:

Red or Yellow? Yellows

Clockend or Northbank? Clockend

Sitting or Standing Standing

Santos or Eboue Eboue

Wenger or Graham Graham

GC, it’s been brilliant talking to you and thank you for taking part.
Coming up later this week on ‘The Interview’ we still have to come: SuburbanGooner Chris & HighburyHarold from the Blackscarf Movement (BSM).

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