The Interview – with Ramblin Gooner

Welcome to what will hopefully be a regular feature on the TheBlock5Gooner called
‘The Interview’.

We all have our own various social media followers but how well do we really know them? In this feature I will chat with many different types of people from the ‘Twitterverse’; Podcasters, bloggers, supporter Group members and general Arsenal fans. I’m launching ‘The Intervew’ this week with 5 (Yes, 5!) different interviews each day this week.

We start today with Giles or better known as @RamblinGooner of the AFTV Podcast…

Welcome Giles and thank you for taking part in the very first Interview. Firstly, How long have you supported Arsenal?
Since 1984, or ’85

Arsenal Vs Everton 3-1
Arsenal Vs Everton 3-1

..and can you remember watching your first Arsenal match?
First game at Highbury was 1988 Littlewoods Cup semi-final 2nd leg vs Everton

I remember that game. I didn’t attend but I could hear the 51,000 plus crowd all the way from near Essex Road! When you regularly attended at Highbury did you have a regular end or stand?
Sat in the West stand mostly

Who out of the current team would you say is your favourite Player?
Wilshere or Sanchez

Rocky & Wrighty
Rocky & Wrighty

Do you have an all time favourite Arsenal player?
Ian Wright and Rocky

Both greats. What’s your expectations for Arsenal this year? 
Better league finish than 4th. A cup win

Giles, what would you say is your most memorable Arsenal match?
Anfield 89

Bergkamp against Newcastle
Bergkamp against Newcastle

One of the all time best. Do you have a most memorable or favourite Arsenal goal?
Bergkamp vs Newcastle & Rocky vs United at Old Trafford

When you’re watching the Arsenal do you have a favourite chant?
No, but I can’t stand “stand up if you hate Tottnum”

Any pre-match superstitions?

Okay, which fixture or team do you hate or fear Arsenal facing the most?

Selhurst Park
Selhurst Park

Me too. Do you have a favourite away ground that you’ve been to?
Crystal Palace

Favourite Podcast(s)
Goonergirls Podcast
Football Weekly
Tuesday Club

Your must have Twitter follow
@DavidMoggy silly sod cracks me up. Great antedote for when Arse upsets me


Okay, a couple of quick fire questions now:

Red or Yellow? Red

Clockend or Northbank? Northbank

Sitting or Standing? Standing

Santos or Eboue? Eboue

Wenger or Graham? Wenger


Giles, it’s been an absolute pleasure and thank you for taking the time to answering these questions.


Coming up later this week on ‘The Interview’ we have: SuburbanGooner Chris, Amanda from the GoonerGirls Podcast & HighburyHarold from the Blackscarf Movement (BSM).

Tomorrow ‘The Interview’ speaks with GC from @Shewore


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