The Interview – with Dave Seager

Returning sooner rather than later and given the wonderful feedback I’ve received
‘The interview’ is back!

I’ve had the pleasure of speaking with Arsenal season ticket holder Dave Seager (@goonerdave66).
Dave is the owner of ‘1 Nil Down, 2 one up‘ website, the co-owner of Gunners town and author of the brand new book ‘Geordie Armstrong on the Wing’
Thank you for taking the time to chat to us Dave, so firstly how long have you supported Arsenal?
I moved from the Midlands to SE London in 1971 and it was shortly after that as my sister’s new boyfriend was a Gunner. Otherwise I could have been a Robin with the Valley my nearest ground.

 …Can you remember watching your first Arsenal match?
6th November 1976 and we beat Birmingham, my brother’s team 4-0 with goals from Nelson, Ross, Stapleton and a pen from Supermac. I went once more that season, a nil nil v City and then not until I went on my own from 80/81.

Did you have a regular end or stand when you attend at Highbury?
Always middle of to right of North Bank based on how early I got there. In my early teems I got there super early and went to middle of terrace. I was small and only truly saw goals at the Clock End but boy the atmosphere! I still miss Highbury and found the last match at the old place ludicrously emotional. My 10 year son, Liam, kept asking ‘Are you okay dad?’

Alexis & Gibbs
Alexis & Gibbs

Who out of the current team would you pick as your favourite Player?
I have grown out of favourites these days as is it such a squad game now but on current form I would say Gibbs and Sanchez stand out for me.

Who’s your favourite all time Arsenal player?
I would usually say Brady or Rocastle but right now having lived with him for a year in a sense I will say Geordie Armstrong ha ha! I only saw him play live twice but having interviewed so many fans and team mates I am not sure anyone since barring perhaps Rocky has matched his team and work ethic. Geordie WAS The Arsenal.

Do you have any expectations for Arsenal this year? 

1987 League Cup winners
1987 League Cup winners

I think we are in a fight for 2nd and fancy the FA Cup again.

What would you say is your most memorable Arsenal match?
Too many to mention but I will say League Cup Final 1987 for me first taste of winning a trophy live.

Do you have a most memorable or favourite Arsenal goal?
I love the Arshavin winner v Barca and so many Henry, Bergkamp, Pires and Wright goals but I will today settle on Rocky. A goal that will forever be enshrined in Gunner folklore.

When you’re watching the Arsenal either home or away do you have a favourite chant?
She wore a Yellow Ribbon

Do you have any pre-match superstitions?
None at all.

Which fixture or team do you hate or fear Arsenal facing the most?
I don’t hate any but in recent times I guess Chelsea matches

Do you have a favourite away ground that you’ve been to?
I love the whole Villa Park experience and we generally win.

Villa Park
Villa Park

Favourite Podcast(s)
I have to hold my hands up and admit I rarely listen but ‘A Bergkamp Wonderland’ Podcast if any.

Your must have Twitter follow?
@MisterSpruce1 to ensure no one misses ‘The Chronicles of the Cannon.’
Okay, a couple of quick fire questions now:

Red or Yellow? Red

Clockend or Northbank? I grew up on North Bank but my ST now is nearer Clock End

Sitting or Standing Standing would be cool, although I am not getting any younger!!

Santos or Eboue Eboue

Wenger or Graham That is not fair and both in equal measure for their early tenures. I would not separate 87-91 and 98-04 for pleasure given to me by both manager’s teams.

It has been a pleasure speaking with you Dave and thanks for taking the time to speak to me.GeordieArmstrongFront1

You can buy Daves book ‘Geordie Armstrong On The Wing which is out now!

“George ‘Geordie’ Armstrong was the antithesis of the modern day football star – and yet to those who knew him, played with him, or cheered him on from the terraces – he was exactly that… a bona fide Arsenal Superstar. The overwhelming warmth and affection for ‘Geordie’, felt by everyone connected with Arsenal Football Club, is encapsulated within this stunning book, which features interviews with dozens of those who were fortunate enough to have worked with a much-loved Gunners Icon, including: Arsene Wenger, Bob Wilson, Liam Brady, Dennis Bergkamp… as well as a chapter written by the fans.”

I’m sure you’ll agree a great Christmas present for any Gooner!



(A review of Dave’s book was complied by @JokmanAFC )

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