The Interview – with Amanda

Welcome to this weeks third installment of the ‘The Interview’.
Today we chat to Amanda (@goonergirl1969) of the GoonerGirlPodcast.

Welcome Amanda and thank you for taking part in ‘The Interview’. To start with, long have you supported Arsenal?
Since birth, I had no choice, you don’t know my Father, the biggest Gooner I know.

….and can you remember watching your first Arsenal match?
Nope, sorry no clue, I was 4, so look at the fixtures in 1973 ;-)

When you regularly attended at Highbury did you have a regular end or stand? 
Always have been an East Stand Upper Girl and still am at the Emirates

Who out of the current team would you pick as your favourite Player?
Mesut Ozil

Henry, Bergkamp & Pires
Henry, Bergkamp & Pires

Who’s your favourite all time Arsenal player?
Ohhhh now I have a problem with this it’s between Wrighty, Adams, Bergkamp, Henry and Pires lol

Amanda, what’s your expectations for Arsenal this year?
Don’t ask me I try not to predict, when I do I normally jeopardise the club

What would you say is your most memorable Arsenal match?

"...It's up for grabs now!"
“…It’s up for grabs now!”

haha are you seriously asking me that question? I think everyone knows what mine is : 26/05/89

I should have guessed! Do you have a most memorable or favourite Arsenal goal?
errrrr Mickey Thomas May 26 1989 ;-)

Obvious too. When you’re watching the Arsenal do you have a favourite chant?
You sold Gareth Bale we signed Mesut Ozil Mesut Ozil Mesut Ozil

Do you have any pre-match superstitions?
Have to wear my red heart ring and my bracelet that says I heart AFC because I’m a saddo ;-) 


Which fixture or team do you hate or fear Arsenal facing the most?
Hate and Fear the Chavs

Do you have a favourite away ground that you’ve been to?
I really don’t I can’t think of one that I’ve really enjoyed visiting.

 Favourite Podcast(s)
Errrrr The GoonerGirlsPodcast :-)
But I absolutely love The Tuesday Club

 Your must have Twitter follow?
ooooo that’s hard, only 1?
Any Gooners ;-)

Okay, a couple of quick fire questions now:

Red or Yellow? Red

Clockend or Northbank? Northbank

Sitting or Standing sitting

Santos or Eboue Eboue

Wenger or Graham Wenger

It’s been wonderful and thank you for taking the time to answer these questions Amanda.
There’s 2 more installments left of ‘The Interview’ this week. Later we have & HighburyHarold from the Blackscarf Movement (BSM).

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