A Short Joke: A European, an Immigrant & Donald Trump are walking….

I don’t do politics but I was reminded of this (reworked) joke this morning. 


A European, and an immigrant & Donald Trump are walking along the beach together, when they come upon a lamp in the sand. Being familiar with such clichés, they picked up the lamp, rubbed it, and low and behold a genie appeared before them.

“For releasing me from my prison, I shall grant you both one wish each.”

The European says “I wish for a mug of beer that will never empty”, and immediately a foaming mug of ice-cold Beer appears in his hand. He takes a long swig and when he puts it down, it’s still miraculously full! The immigrant and Trump are, of course, amazed.

“I want,” Demanded Trump, “A Giant wall. I love my country. I’m sick of it being ruined by lazy immigrants who come here and do nothing but live off of state benefits and handouts. I want a wall to be built around the US, ten miles high and ten miles thick, so that nobody can get in and nobody can get out.”

The Genie screws up its eyes in concentration for a moment then says. “Done! And what do you want?”

“”Tell me more about this wall?” asks the Immigrant.

“As requested it is ten miles high and ten miles thick, nothing can get in or out”

“Well then,” says the Immigrant, “I want you to fill it with water.”

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