This is a brief introduction this website and me.

This Website – Over the years I’ve wrote the odd bits and pieces for various Arsenal websites such as, who all have been kind enough to publish my articles. I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a ‘Blogger’ but when asked to be a regular contributor for the 89th Minute I guess that all changed.

Originally a storage hub, an internet display, of all my past work but now I’m going it alone. So sit back, subscribe and enjoy the ride.

Now about me – The Block 5 Gooner.
I grew in up Islington, born in ’79. My dad was the youngest of 8 children that grew up off Liverpool Road, Islington. He and his brother closest in age (my Uncle) used to frequent Highbury as children during the 1960’s mainly to watch the Liverpool’s, United’s & West Ham’s of the day. The latter my dad went on to later support and became a regular over Upton Park for many years. My uncle on the other hand was taken in by the Arsenal faithful and not looked back since.

So I could have been a Hammer but my dad did not force supporting them onto me…not even subliminally. (I tried to do the same for my children, not influencing them, but I just couldn’t do it. We have 2 more Gunners to the ranks!).

Thankfully I grew up a Gooner like my Uncle & the majority of the family.

An uncle on my mother’s side of the family took me too my first game; Arsenal vs Leicester 20th April 1987. It was towards the end of the season but I remember a lot of hype which centred upon on an Arsenal striker which had been bought earlier in that season but returned back to Leicester on loan. That striker was Alan Smith and it was a chance for us to see him up close. Arsenal won 4-1.

The season after that I slowly started to be a regular on the Clockend, aged 8 propped up against the terrace rails standing on my little red stall allowing me to see the game!


After leaving 6th form college I joined the Arsenal Sports community scheme as a YTS Sports Coach. Representing the Arsenal teaching Football, Hockey, short Tennis & Cricket to Islington Schools. The Arsenal also ran After school Football clubs, Saturday Soccer schools & half term outreach courses, a few of which were residential. As well as our coaching badges we also gained a FA referee qualification too.

Aside from the coaching we were often given the opportunity as Turnstile operators.


Once the 2 years YTS scheme ended I was given a temporary job in the Arsenal’s box office from which I took a seasonal contract in Arsenal’s mail order centre. I left the Arsenal family, took a Gap year and return to work in the financial sector & more recently in marketing.

Despite being a Clockend regular in my youth & during my teens ever since the move to the Emirates I’ve held a season ticket in Block 5.


Block 5 Ramsey